Inflakes is a fast growing Global Techno-Consulting company where technocrats have merged with traditional business management consulting. In today’s world challenged by macro- economic factors globally, business transformation is often, at its core, about technology driven process transformation to expand, innovate, consolidate and streamline business opportunity. At the very least, business transformation is always technology-enabled, and by marrying the technology competence with business consulting knowledge Inflakes help clients envision, engage, evolve, evaluate and execute their business transformation imperatives and work closely to bring value realization.

We have several technology products that were build with industry experts and clients in respond to bridge the widening gap between strategy execution and business results. We also have very senior industry executives who have coached and mentored Government leaders and “C” levels of companies who are available to help transform your entity to meet its desired outcome. We believe in bringing these essential experiences of the best market players than reinventing the wheel and look for integrated and innovative solution that delight our customers and maximize their return on investment.

We literally empower our client businesses with our ingenuity. We look forward to having you as one of our valued clients.